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Funding for businesses setting up in Vienna

Business Location Funding

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Structural modifications, the purchase of building structures, and costs such as architectural services.

Max. funding
500,000 euros per project

Up to 50% of the approved funding amount can be paid up front.

  • Startup City Vienna

    Get a bird's-eye view of Vienna as a business location for startups. Information about investors, networks, co-working spaces, business sectors, and much more. 

    Vienna for startups
  • Lease space at the Technology Centre Seestadt.

    Lassen Sie sich mit Ihrem Unternehmen hier nieder.

    Lease office or production spaces for your technology company.

    Technology Centre Seestadt
    Blick auf das Technologiezentrum Seestadt
  • Lease labs for your life sciences startup.

    Startup Lab offers affordable, fully equipped lab spaces in Vienna. These come pre-equipped with the most important instruments and machines.

    Startup Labs
    Eine Frau mit Laborkittel und Gummihandschuhen hält ein durchsichtige Flasche in der Hand und betrachtet den Inhalt
  • Life sciences in Vienna.

    LISAvienna will give you the lowdown on Vienna's life sciences scene

    LISAvienna is a key knowledge base and the first port of call for life sciences companies in Vienna looking for information on financing and networking opportunities.

    Drei Frauen stehen zusammen und tauschen Kontakte aus. Sie haben dazu Handys in der Hand

Expat Guide

The handbook for internationals moving to Vienna.

Expat Guide Leben und Arbeiten in Wien (EN)

Tech in Vienna

These startups are having a ball

Experience the Viennese startup scene with this Sifted cooperation.



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