Porträt von Gabriele Strobl, eine Frau mit kurzen Haaren
Gabriele Strobl
Funding ∣ Team Leader

I work on continuously developing our services and ensuring smooth workflows. As an expert for production, neighbourhood business, and internationalisation, I am at your service for consultations on our funding opportunities.

Portrait von Philipp Pranger, ein Mann mit Brille und kurzen schwarzen Haaren
Philipp Pranger

As a funding expert for production, investment, and digitalisation, I facilitate related projects – from submission and evaluation to project support and completion – and am available for consultations.

Facts about Business Location Funding

Maximum funding amount:

300,000 to 500,000 euros

Co-funding rate:


Minimum project value:

150,000 euros for small companies and 300,000 euros for medium-sized companies and large-scale enterprises.

Who is eligible?

Existing small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises, as well as founders in Vienna. Companies that want to move to Vienna or open their headquarters here.

Business sectors:

Production sector, production-related services, research, development, and waste management.

Eligible costs:

Structural modifications, the purchase of building structures, services such as architectural services.

Upfront payment:

Up to a maximum of 50% of the approved funding amount can be paid up front. 


Maximum project duration:

4 years

Documents for your application to receive Business Location Funding:

A duly completed online funding application, an application confirmation, as well as a de minimis declaration, your latest annual financial statements, and/or an income statement, a standard cost statement, and building plans.


An independent jury will assess your submission and provide a recommendation for your development proposal's funding. We provide Business Location Funding to support development proposals that drive climate and environmental goals and boost employment in Vienna.


Legal basis under European state aid law:

De minimis and/or GBER Articles 17 and 22

Typical steps when applying for Business Location Funding

Developing a project idea
Consultation at the Vienna Business Agency
Selecting the funding that's right for you
Organising your project content
Online project submission
Project assessment by a jury
Communication of the outcome by the Vienna Business Agency

Information material on Business Location Funding

Deadlines and submission

Submission period:1 January 2024 to 31 December 2026
Submission deadlines 2024:31 March, 30 June, 30 September, 31 December