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  • Sustainable action

    We support ideas for a better world.

    Do you want to save energy? Do you want to develop a recyclable product? Does your venture work to reduce CO2 emissions in Vienna? Let's talk.

    Sustainable action
    Nachhaltig Handeln: Förderungen, Beratungen, Workshops für Unternehmen. Eine Frau im Park trägt ein Fahrrad Stufen rauf
  • Smart City Vienna

    Through this initiative, Vienna aims to ensure a high quality of life for all its residents through maximum resource efficiency, facilitated by social and technical innovations.

    Smart City Vienna
    Blick über die Stadt Wien und das Vienna International Center und die UNO-City
  • Compliance

    The Vienna Business Agency's compliance management is based on clear, clean, and transparent processes.

  • Gender and Diversity

    The Vienna Business Agency celebrates diversity and supports equal opportunities for all.


    Gender & Diversity
    Eine Frau und ein Mann im Gespräch sitzen in einem Park auf Stufe.

Let's talk Mission.

We represent the Vienna business world.

The Mission folder provides an overview of the Vienna Business Agency's functions and showcases our identity as an organisation. (Download only available in German)