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Funding for company establishment and set-up in Vienna

Business Location Funding

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Funding for SMEs and large companies planning to build or expand a production site. Funding may also be granted for new head offices in Vienna.

Max. funding
500,000 euros per project

Submission deadlines 2024:
30 June, 30 September, 31 December

  • Startup City Vienna

    Vienna has much to offer startups - from calls and competitions to co-working spaces, investor networks and much more. Dive in to Startup City Vienna. 

    Yes, please.
    Eine Frau links und ein Mann mit Laptop am Karlsplatz
  • Acting sustainably, founding sustainably.

    Do you want to found a business? Are you prioritising sustainability and reducing your use of resources? We'll fund your ideas for a better world.

    Sustainable action
    Nachhaltig Handeln: Förderungen, Beratungen, Workshops für Unternehmen. Eine Frau im Park trägt ein Fahrrad Stufen rauf
  • Expat Center.

    All the information you need for a smooth transition to Vienna

    The single point of contact for key workers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists from around the world. The Expat Center will assist you with your move to Vienna. Get all the information you need from us.

    Cost-free consultations for expats
    Zwei Frauen werden an einem hellen Empfangsbereich von einer anderen Frau willkommen geheißen. Expat Center: Leben und Arbeiten in Wien.
  • Business Immigration Office

    Contact the Business Immigration Office for comprehensive advice and information on residence and employment law for foreign nationals. Our services are available to businesses, international experts and managers, organisations, as well as research and educational institutions.

    Consultations for international professionals
    Eine Frau und ein Mann stehen im Gespräch zusammen und schauen auf ein Tablet. Leben und Arbeiten in Wien.
  • The community for people arriving to Vienna

    Meet up with like-minded individuals in an informal setting

    The Expat Club is a thriving community that organises various events and company visits, as well as outings to the most beautiful places in Vienna.

    Join the Expat Club
    Zwei Frauen sitzen auf einer Terrasse und teilen sich einen Kuchen. Im Hintergrund Skyline von Wien. Mitglied im Expat Club werden.
  • Developing new ideas in Vienna.

    New ideas, new products, new technologies – come see us. We'll fund your development proposal.

    Develop new ideas.
    Ein Raum, der durch eine Glasscheibe in zwei Teile getrennt wird. Auf der Glasscheibe stehen mit Edding geschriebene Formeln.

Valuable tips and advice for expats in Vienna.

Expat Guide

The Expat Guide offers an introduction to day-to-day life in Vienna. It covers all the essentials for a smooth transition to your new life.

Expat Guide Leben und Arbeiten in Wien (EN)


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