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Funding for growing businesses

International Market Entry Funding

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Costs for personnel, travel, the acquisition of licenses and concessions which allow you to operate abroad, or other service costs.

Max. funding
50,000 euros per project

Up to 50% of the awarded funding amount can be paid up front.

Creative Industry Market Entry Funding

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Payroll costs, external service costs, training, marketing and distribution services, as well as machine acquisition costs, software, and intellectual property rights.

Max. funding
50,000 euros per project

Up to 50% of the approved funding amount can be paid up front.

Events & workshops for growing businesses

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  • Production spaces available at the Technology Centre Seestadt.

    Secure a space for your business

    The Technology Centre Seestadt offers production and office spaces for technology company.

    Technology Centre Seestadt
    Blick auf das Technologiezentrum Seestadt
  • Lease space at the Gewerbehof Seestadt.

    Suitable space, with an operating permit

    The Gewerbehof Seestadt offers the perfect space for artisans, tradespeople, and manufacturers.

    Gewerbehof Seestadt
    Eine Mietfläche des Gewerbehof Seestadt im Edelrohbau. Einige Handwerker sind bei der Arbeit zu sehen.
  • Your contact point in Vienna's industrial zones.

    Book a consultation with the Vienna Business Districts to learn about the options available to you in terms of vacant commercial spaces, infrastructure, and funding.

    Vienna Business Districts
    Orangener Gabelstapler fährt über ein Betriebsgelände
  • Startup City Vienna.

    Vienna has so much to offer startups - from calls and competitions to co-working spaces, investor networks and much more. Dive in to Startup City Vienna. 


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    Eine Frau links und ein Mann mit Laptop am Karlsplatz


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