Portrait von Sidonia Mussner, eine Frau mit schulterlangen blonden Haaren
Sidonia Mussner
International Business

Do you want to make sure that not only your company but also your family and you yourself feel at home in Vienna? From your registration in Vienna to your search for an apartment or schools and kindergartens, my consultations for your new start in Vienna cover all these aspects. Call me now to schedule a consultation.

Porträt von Susanne Strohm, eine Frau mit blonden, schulterlangen Haaren
Susanne Strohm
International Business ∣ Team Leader

Are you new to Vienna? Are you planning to accept a job, live and work here? I'm here to assist you with any questions you may have about your relocation and about getting started in Vienna. Get in touch with me.

Expat Center of the Vienna Business Agency

Schmerlingplatz 3

1010 Vienna


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