Marlene Welzl, eine Frau mit schulterlangen Haaren
Marlene Welzl
Startup Services

Are you working on an innovative and scalable business idea? Contact me if you want to participate in our several-month-long Founders Lab programme to take your business idea forward. The Founders Lab includes workshops, individual coaching with experts, networking among the participants, and access to our networks. Drawing on my business founding expertise, I specifically provide assistance to feminine-presenting people. 

Florian Schanznig
Startup Services

If you are planning to move forward with your business idea in Vienna, I'll be happy to provide comprehensive consultations. With my startup ecosystem expertise, I am well-equipped to support you with your development proposal in Vienna through my network. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to learn more about Vienna's major startup festival ViennaUP. Let's talk.