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Can Yönter
Business Support

I offer extensive consultations to assist with all questions related to your investment proposal in Vienna. If you have any inquiries related to funding, financing, dealing with official authorities or licensing procedures, I am your contact person. Get in touch, I will be happy to schedule a personal visit on your company premises. Let’s talk.

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Christian Bartik
Funding ∣ Head of Department

My team and I are responsible for delivering and managing the complete range of our funding portfolio. That's how we support businesses of all sizes and industries in implementing new, compelling, and sustainable ideas. I am currently responsible for the Vienna Neighbourhood Initiative Funding.

Facts about Vienna Neighbourhood Initiative Funding

Maximum funding amount:

10,000 euros per year

Funding rate:

maximum 50% for all companies

Minimum project value:

500 euros

Who is eligible?

We support micro-enterprises, small businesses, and founders moving to a street-level shop in Vienna's 2nd, 16th, or 20th districts, or looking to remodel or upgrade their shop in these districts in order to keep it competitive.

Business sectors:

Neighbourhood businesses, including craft shops and commercial operations.

Eligible costs:

Vienna Neighbourhood Funding covers all non-personnel costs and lease costs (for up to a maximum of six months) if the applicant leases a vacant space.

Upfront payment:

Up to maximum 50% of the approved funding amount can be paid up front.

Maximum project duration:

1 year


Funding applications are assessed on a first-come, first-served basis. In other words, companies that meet the funding criteria and are the first to submit their funding application will be granted funding approval.

Legal basis under European state aid law:

De minimis

Submission deadlines:

Ongoing from January 1, 2024

Gebietsplan Ottakring für die Förderung Grätzelinitiative Ottakring

Typical Steps when applying for Vienna Neighbourhood Initiative Funding

Developing your project idea
Consultations by the Vienna Business Agency
Selecting the funding that's right for you
Organising your project content
Online project submission
Communication of the outcome by the Vienna Business Agency

Events & workshops

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Information material for Vienna Neighbourhood Initiative Funding

Deadlines and submission

Submission period:1 January 2024 to 31 December 2025
Next submission deadline:Ongoing from 1 January 2024