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Matthias Heilbrunner

As an innovation funding expert, I assist businesses in implementing their project ideas – from submission and evaluation to project support and completion – and am available for consultations. I currently provide support for the Startup Grant and Innovation Funding.

As a funding expert for research and innovation as well as science communication, I facilitate related projects – from submission and evaluation to project support and completion – and am available for consultations. I currently provide support for Understanding Science and Innovation Funding.

Facts about Innovation Funding

Maximum funding amount:

300,000 euros per development proposal

Funding rate:

45% for small businesses, 35% for medium-sized enterprises 

Minimum project value:

30,000 euros

Who is eligible?

Existing small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as companies in the process of being founded. Universities, universities of Applied Sciences, assosciations and independent research institutes or institutes in the field of education and social work can be project partners. 


Women's bonus: 10,000 euros. Startup bonus: 5,000 euros. The women's bonus is awarded if your development proposal is managed by a woman with the necessary qualifications. If a new company is founded as part of the development proposal, we'll also pay a startup bonus.

Business sectors:

All business sectors.

Eligible costs:

Costs for personnel and external services, for the acquisition of necessary hardware, digital communication systems, machines, devices, installations, and systems as well as software and licenses, and non-personnel and material costs.


Upfront payment:

Up to a maximum of 50% of the approved funding amount can be paid up front. Don't forget your biannual progress report on your development proposal.

Maximum project duration:

2 years


An independent jury will assess your submission and provide a recommendation for your development proposal's funding.

Documents for your submission to receive Innovation Funding:

You will need a duly completed funding application and an application confirmation. You will also be required to provide a de minimis declaration, your latest financial statements, and/or an income statement.

Legal basis under European state aid law:

GBER Articles 22, 25, 28, 29 and de minimis

Typical steps when applying for Innovation Funding

Developing a project idea
Consultation at the Vienna Business Agency
Selecting the funding that's right for you
Organising your project content
Online project submission
Project assessment by a jury
Communication of the outcome by the Vienna Business Agency

Information material for Innovation Funding

Deadlines and submission

Submission period:1 January 2024 to 31 December 2026
Submission deadlines 2024:31 March, 30. June, 30 September, 31 December