Social Media Marketing for founders

Successful Social-Media-Marketing from Strategy to Execution

Thu, 16.05.2024
10.00 - 14.00
Startup House, Stella-Klein-Löw-Weg 8, 1020 Wien

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Understanding its importance in today's entrepreneurial landscape.

Developing an Effective Strategy

Crafting a social media strategy tailored to your startup's needs.

Choosing the Right Platforms

Identifying and utilizing the most suitable social media channels.

Content Creation and Management

Techniques for creating engaging and relevant content

Collaborative Learning in Small Groups

Sharing experiences and insights with fellow entrepreneurs.

Rapid Strategy Implementation

Quick and effective application of learned concepts.

Measuring Success

Tools and techniques for tracking and analyzing social media performance.

Action Plan Development

Creating a personalized, actionable plan for immediate implementation.


Expert for Paid Social Media und Lead-Generation in Social Media
Christian Haberl
City of Vienna, expert in the area of paid social media and lead generation in social media
Christian Haberl, a pioneer in B2B social media, founded HUMANBRAND in 2012, an agency for global IT companies such as Microsoft, SUSE, Sage and Austrian SMEs. Specializing in paid social media and lead generation through targeted campaigns, he helped clients such as A1 Digital, Deutsche Telekom and ACP. His strong interest in digitalization is reflected in blog and podcast series in which he acts as an expert for digital business.


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