Creative Days X Content Vienna

Get Your Game out there! Publishing Workshop with Garnett Lee

Thu, 06.06.2024
10.00 - 13.00
Brick15, Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Wien






Portrait Garnett Lee
Garnett Lee
International Gaming Expert and Portfolio Manager at Amplifier Studios
After 20 years in the games industry, Lee has accumulated a comprehensive view of the video game industry over more than 20 years of work. His experience includes scouting, production, product design and management, brand development, marketing, developer relations, business development, community, and media. He draws across all this background now as portfolio manager for Amplifier Studios to support developers in achieving creative and financial success.
Portrait of Jogi Neufeld
Jogi Neufeld
originator and operator of SUBOTRON, a platform for digital game culture based at MuseumsQuartier Vienna since 2004
With his team, Neufeld organises event series on the theory and practice of games, curates game-specific content for international institutions, teaches interactive media history at universities and colleges and is producer for playful experiences. In addition to daily consulting and mediation services, he connects key players from business, science, education and culture with each other, with local experts and the global community.


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