Creative Days X Artivive X Biofabrique Vienna

Augmenting the Biofabrique Vienna

Wed, 05.06.2024
10.00 - 13.00
Klima Biennale Wien: Nordwestbahnhof, Nordwestbahnstraße 16, 1200 Wien





Sergiu Ardelean Artivive
Sergiu Ardelean
Co-founder Artivive
Sergiu Ardelean, an Austrian entrepreneur, is a co-founder of Artivive, a successful Augmented Reality tool uniting physical and digital art. With a global community of 400,000 creatives across 190 countries, Artivive is revolutionizing creative expression worldwide.
Brenda Basner
Brenda Basner
Senior Community Manager
Brenda Basner, originally from Los Angeles, is the Community Manager at Artivive, based in Vienna. With a degree in Art History, she joined Artivive in 2022. Passionate about supporting artists, Brenda facilitates community programs and provides resources to uplift connections, creativity, and learning within the Artivive community.